We understand your goalf:

Optimize my online sales

Increase my average shopping basket

Get started in social commerce

Capitalize on my data

Create a loyalty-boosting customer experience

Control my image online

Succeed in exporting my brand

We find ways to optimize:

What simple tool can I use to capitalize better on my data?

What staff do I need to grow my e-business?

How can I reduce the cost of my after-sales service?

How do I automate my sales prospecting process?

How can I recruit more effectively via the Internet?

What flows can I automate to save time and cut costs?

We find answers:

Our practice:
Diagnostic followed by the management of short-cycle, micro business projects that prioritize achieving concrete deliverables and fast ROI results.


Our DNA:
Our project managers are ROI-conscious consultants specialized in entrepreneurship, agile methods and digital transformation.
They can call on the 250 digital experts within the TI Group.


Not our practice areas:
Theoretical strategic consulting followed by long projects with a V model and billing by the hour.

Teaminside Business

If you need assistance with a business issue or advice, please contact us at:


Director of Business Development
[email protected]
06 60 72 42 97


Teaminside Business
[email protected]
06 09 34 69 86


Teaminside Business
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